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hannibal_bb's Journal

Hannibang: The NBC Hannibal Big Bang
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hannibal_bb is a fanfiction and fanart fest NBC's tv show Hannibal. All characters, genres, ratings, and pairings are welcome. The bang's tumblr hashtags are #hannibang or #hannibalbb

Your mods are: hannibangmod (deftmegalodon) and hannibanglieut (gaycopshow)

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Event Date(s)
Writer Sign-Ups June 1st - July 10th, 2013
Artist Sign-Ups June 1st - October 15th, 2013
Writer Check-In #1 September 6th - 8th, 2013
Rough Drafts due (80% complete, min. 8000 words) w/ summary October 1st, 2013
Artist Claiming October 8th - 15th, 2013
Writer Check-In #2 December 6th - 8th, 2013
Final Drafts (100% complete, min 10,000 words) and Art due February 1st, 2014
Posting Sign-Ups February 2nd - 5th, 2014
Posting Begins February 6th, 2014


Sign up for the bang by commenting on the Writer Sign-Ups, Artist Sign-Ups, and/or the Beta Sign-Ups.
After the deadline (Writers: July 10th, Artists & Betas: October 1st), the bang will post a list of all participants. Please be sure to sign up on time to participate in the bang.

Writer Check-Ins

These check-ins are just a way for us to see how you're doing, where you are in your fic, etc. A reminder with a small form will go up before and on the dates. Please please let us know ASAP if you plan to drop out. Don't wait till the Check-In.
Writer's Check In #1

Rough Drafts + Summaries

Rough drafts are due on October 1st, 2013. They should be 80% done (miniumum 8,000 words) and emailed to hannibalbang at gmail dot com. You must also include a summary for the Artist Claims round. A post will go up closer to the date with further instructions. Extensions of up to 3 days may be issued under special circumstances.
Rough Draft Submission Post

Artist Claims

A list of all fic summaries will be posted for artists to claim. Artists may claim up to 2 fics. Claims are first come, first serve. Claims will be open as long as there are unclaimed fics but should be no more than a week.

Final Drafts and Art

Final drafts are due on February 1st, 2014. They should be nearly 100% done (miniumum 10,000 words) and emailed to hannibalbang at gmail dot com. We understand writers and artists may do some final tweaks after submitting their drafts. That's perfectly fine.


A list of dates will go up with a number of posting slots for each day. Artist and writer pairs should agree on a date to sign up. On posting date, artists and writers will post independently with links to each other's work.

Include the link if your work is hosted on an external site (AO3, DW). If posting on LJ, all full works must be under a cut, with the exception of a small thumbnail, if desired, for artists.

A form will go up closer to the posting date with specific instructions on how to post.


1. Please join the hannibang comm to receive regular updates and notifications. Members are expected to stay informed of deadlines and mod announcements. It is your responsibility to watch or track this community to be alerted for mod posts and deadlines.
Learn more ways to track the comm here.


1. Your final draft must be a minimum of 10,000 words.
2. You must sign-up to participate in the bang.
3. You may sign up for a maximum of 2 fics.
4. Your story may not be a previously posted work. This is an opportunity for you to write new fic. Unposted WIPS are accepted.
5. You may not post your work somewhere else prior to your posting date.
6. Your story must be complete at time of submission.


1. All kinds of art is acceptable for this bang: digital and traditional art, fanmixes, podfics, fanvids, etc.
2. You have roughly 3 months to create your art. Please ensure your work reflects the time allotted.
3. 3. You may sign up for a maximum of 2 claims. You must claim each fic separately.

Consult the Timeline and FAQ for further information about the bang.


Q: What kind of work is welcome here?
A: All genres, pairings, ratings, and characters are welcome here. Crossovers are accepted, as long as the main focus is on the Hannibal tv show. AUs are accepted. RPFs are not accepted.

Q: When can writers start working on their stories? When can artists begin creating their art?
A: Writers can start as soon as they sign up. Artists can start as soon as they claim a fic.

Q: May I sign up as a writer, a beta, and artist?
A: As long as you are not beta-ing your own work or creating art for your own story, you may take on multiple roles. However, make sure you are able to devote the appropriate amount of time for each role.

Q: As an artist, can I do more than one piece of art for a fic?
A: Certainly!


The bang will be using the Fannibal Chat for office hours and meet and greets. Fannibal Chat will post reminders before and during live chat hangouts with the tag #hannibang chat. All bang participants welcome.
Please read Fannibal Chat's rules prior to chat.


Event Date(s)
Post-Writer's Deadline July 15th, 2013 @9PM
Pre-Rough Draft Deadline September 16th, 2013 @9PM
Post-Artists Claiming October 21st, 2013 @9PM
Pre-Final Draft December 18th, 2013 @9PM


For further questions not covered in the FAQ, PM or email hannibalbang at gmail dot com

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